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Heidi Benjamin

owner & ceo of takk house

Heidi has worked in the wedding industry for the last fifteen years. She got her start documenting love as a wedding photographer. Her passion for photography, art and connecting with people manifested into Takk House. Opening in 2014 after many years of witnessing love in magical spaces far and near.

I was a photographer of people for 10+ years with my major focus being weddings. Prior to that I was a photographer of everything. I started in a darkroom and never looked back. I have been featured in blogs, magazines, books, and even won some awards. Heidi retired from the photography game a few years ago outside of documenting her own life purely for pleasure. She decided to lean in and focus all her energy into hosting weddings in 2019.

Takk House is owned and operated by Heidi with the help of her amazing team. Caring for an historic building is no easy feat but Heidi knows giving the weathered walls new life has been an adventure of a lifetime. Heidi is passionate about educating visitors in the history of Takk House, highlighting it’s rare and beautiful architecture, and the many transitions it has been through over the years.

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Our Team


Chef Matt

chef - takk house & meadowlark catering

Jess is our event producer and design assistant. She fell in love with Takk House as soon as she first set foot in the building back in 2016. She sets up for weddings, events, and pop-ups, maintains and organizes our inventory, and keeps our many indoor and outdoor plants happy. Jess has an AA in Visual Arts, a BA in English, and over a decade of retail/visual merchandising experience.

Chef Matt Olley got his start at an assisted living home on Long Island for his externship. From there Matt cut his teeth in multiple kitchens in NYC, and assisting food stylists for magazines & TV. With impeccable timing Matt created The Little Viking Co in the beginning of 2020. As the world figured itself out, so did Little Viking, eventually bringing the concept up north to the Capital Region, TLV adapted to its new surroundings, and serendipitously met the crew from Meadowlark. The rest is history.

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